Posted by: ahw3ll | 06/12/2012

End of the Road for Formula Two?

It seems as though the 2012 Formula Two season may have been its last. In the last few minutes, several high-profile users of Twitter have posted about the demise of the series. This is surprising news, especially as the series was set for a big shake-up in its format for the upcoming season.

The Formula Two Championship was set to make big changes over the winter with the series allowing cars to be run by external teams.

Is this the end for the JPH1B?

Since the relaunch of the series in 2009, all the cars had been run under the MSV banner and maintained by a central group of mechanics.

One team had already made moves to join the 2013 championship. INmotorsport announced their intention to compete in the new-style F2 next year and had signed Dino Zamparelli to drive one of their cars and Martin Donnelly was to take the role of team principal.

It is a great shame that the new-model Formula Two looks like it will never see the light of day. The changes should have allowed for a more competitive grid and for greater promotion of the series as the teams started marketing themselves to potential sponsors. Hopefully the reasons for the cancellation of the championship will become clear in due course.


MSV have issued a statement this evening stating that Formula Two had to be cancelled as drivers were finding the series’ non-team model unattractive. The door has been left open for the championship to return in the future, though it seems unlikely to be run by MSV. The statement quoted Jonathan Palmer as saying: “We and the FIA are in agreement that any future F2 should operate on a more conventional, multi team basis. Other championships at F2’s level have also increased their appeal through recent performance upgrades, and it is logical to conclude that in F2’s final year grid numbers would reduce, perhaps significantly.”

It seems as though the series will not run in 2013, however if another group is found to take on the series, it may return in 2014.


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