Posted by: ahw3ll | 29/10/2012

Former F2 Driver Abadin Crowdfunded to F3 Seat

Jose back in the driving seat

For the majority of young racers trying to forge a career for themselves, the key obstacle to success is money. In the current economic situation, companies are less keen to sponsor a driver unless they are likely to see a good return on their investment. The result of this is that the ‘unproven’ drivers of the world have a monumental struggle to generate the kind of budget required to compete in series higher up the motorsport ladder.

This is the situation which has faced Spanish driver Jose Luis Abadin over recent years. Due to budgetary issues, he hasn’t been able to complete a full season of racing since stepping up to Formula Three level. Upon reaching Formula Two in 2011, he hoped to be able to run for the full season, but a combination of budget and poor health curtailed that plan, before forcing him out of the category altogether after the initial round of 2012.

After a summer spent keeping his skills sharp, Jose (along with fellow business students Daniel Gonzalez and Oscar Freire) put together a plan to return to racing in the final round of the European F3 Open series via the help of crowdfunding. The plan being that fans or business could top-up the budget hole left by sponsors who had withdrawn their support over the previous months. Abadin has successfully raised a budget of just over €2,500 from donations, which means that he will line up on the grid at his home race in Montmelo next weekend (3rd – 4th November) and make a return to racing.

Proof that fans really can make a difference in modern motorsport.


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